a sustainable solution

Corrugated packaging is made from natural, sustainable materials. The packaging is made from layers of paper, which may be from new wood pulp or recycled paper, starch based adhesive and water based inks ensure the product is environmentally friendly. Corrugated packaging is 100% recyclable, 100% bio-degradable and 100% renewable. Your product may be made from 100% recycled paper if required.

Because corrugated board is a single material package, it can be quickly and easily disposed of. It is either pressed into an old-paper bale at the customer’s site or folded for space-saving storage until being hauled away. Another advantage of corrugated board packaging is that boxes or trays can be collected without further sorting. Thus, businesses and consumers save valuable time and money.

Corrugated is easy to recycle

Recycling facilities on site at our facilities ensure that paper, timber and plastic waste is recycled back into the supply chain. We take all of the trimmings and waste sheets of corrugated board, shred them, compact them into bales and then send them back to the paper mills so they can make it back into corrugated base papers! It is a most sustainable solution.

Ongoing planning and monitoring of machine usage and facilities ensure that energy usage on-site is minimised. Adherence to planned maintenance schedules ensure that our machines are operating efficiently while switching to energy efficient lighting ensures that the facility is minimising energy consumption.

Our logistics team ensure that route planning and load fill minimise our fleet journeys, while maintaining on-time deliveries to all customers.

The company is committed to on-going review and process improvement in managing its energy and waste streams.

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